Amoreira da Torre

Amoreira da Torre Biológico Zebro 2020 Alentejo Branco 75cl

Amoreira da Torre Biológico Zebro 2020 Alentejo Branco 75cl
Amoreira da Torre

Amoreira da Torre Biológico Zebro 2020 Alentejo Branco 75cl

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The vineyard benefits from a terroir characterized by granitic soils, abundant groundwater, Mediterranean climate, at an altitude of 240 meters and 72 kilometers from the Atlantic.

In 2005, against the trend of the sector, the strategic decision was taken to convert the entire vineyard and wine to the Organic Production Mode, having been the first vineyard in Alentejo to certify organic Alentejo wines in the CVRA.


Manual harvest during the night and dawn. The grapes are divided into two batches with both varieties and of identical quantities.

The first batch method is direct press, without destemming. Separation, after pressing, of the must from the masses. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel vats, without addition of yeast, only with native yeasts.

In the second batch, the “tanning” method is used: the grapes are destemmed and transferred to a press where they ferment, without temperature control and only with the native yeasts, must, skins and seeds together. Daily the blanket is mixed with the must.

At the end of fermentation, the second batch is pressed and the two are added together.

The wine is not aged and has a tangential filtration before bottling.

No corrections and no wood.


Nature with the support of Paulo Sendin and Carlos Ramos.

All Amoreira da Torre wines are certified as Organic and Vegan wines.

Varieties 50% Arinto, 50% Verdelho
Alcohol Content 12,5%
Capacity 75 cl
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Region Alentejo
Type White
Tasting Fresh aroma of citrus fruit and green apple with hints of mint and basil. In the mouth, it is sincere, with a fruity flavor, refreshing acidity without being aggressive and a finish with good persistence.

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