Soalheiro Espumante PET NAT Alvarinho 2021 75cl

Soalheiro Espumante PET NAT Alvarinho 2021 75cl

Soalheiro Espumante PET NAT Alvarinho 2021 75cl

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Looking at the sky is the oldest tool in winemaking. Our Pet Nat Alvarinho is a sparkling wine inspired by the ancestral method, a wine with a natural movement and elegant bubbling.

The vinification process, with little intervention, resorts to the end of the first alcoholic fermentation in the bottle, without resorting to disgorgement or the addition of sugars.

Innovation has led Soalheiro to wines that in the past seemed unlikely to experiment with the Alvarinho variety. Our Pet Nat confirms the elasticity of the variety and proposes the relaxed discovery of a light and youthful sparkling wine.

Varieties Alvarinho
Alcohol Content 12.5%
Capacity 75 cl
Tasting It is a fresh and light wine, with a soft touch at the end of the mouth, due to a spontaneous fermentation stop.
Harmonization Based on your profile, you don't need to follow up. It can be drunk alone, as an aperitif in a conversation between friends, in a late afternoon in a bar. It can also be an excellent choice to taste with roasts and grills.
Additional Information All orders are processed and shipped within a maximum period of 24 hours. Delivery is normally made the next business day after dispatch. The Customer has the right to return any order, sending an email to within a maximum period of 14 days after receipt.
Region Vinho Verde
Type Sparkling Wine

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