Reguengo de Melgaco - Alvarinho Wine Producer

25 | 02 | 2022
Reguengo de Melgaco - Alvarinho Wine Producer


The history of Quinta Reguengo de Melgaço dates back to the 16th century, when Queen Dª. Leonor ordered the construction of the Manor. Since then, the Manor and the land were successively owned by different feudal families, by Santa Casa da Misericórdia and, in 1675, by the nobleman Agostinho Soares de Castro. It is from the family coat of arms of this owner that Alvarinho Quinta Reguengo de Melgaço created its logo.

The Cardadeiro family, the current owner, acquired the property in the 1990s, rebuilt the Manor, planted the vineyard and built a cellar for the production of the highest quality Alvarinho Wine.

The dedication of all and the rigor in the whole process deserved recognition at national and international level.

wine tourism

Reguengo de Melgaço is part of the Vinhos Verdes and Alvarinho Route, so it offers guided tours for groups upon reservation.

The Hotel has a tasting room, suitable for this purpose, where, in addition to tasting our products, tastings, you will have the opportunity to learn about our evolution and achievement.

The visit includes the presentation of the Wine Tourism project - "Quinta do Reguengo", visit to the entire surroundings and facilities of the farm and tasting of the house's products.

In addition to this traditional tour, we have other attractive packages for groups.

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