Adega do Sossego - Alvarinho Wine Producer

13 | 02 | 2022
Adega do Sossego - Alvarinho Wine Producer

Adega do Sossego, in addition to producing Alvarinho wine, is also one of the most renowned restaurants in the Monção and Melgaço sub-region.


António Castro (or Toninho, as he is known), who at the time worked at Termas de Melgaço was also the owner of a café that had once belonged to his parents and which he named Fonte Três, the business started to go well, thanks to to the Alvarinho wine from its production served there and to the snacks that accompanied it, ending this success by dictating the departure of the thermal baths and the complete dedication to gastronomy. asking for a more secluded space, away from the view and the national road, where, with Sossego, you could chat, eat a snack and taste the wines.

​At the back of Fonte Três, was the old cellar of the owner's grandparents, which ended up serving these customers and friends to obtain the much desired modesty, thus creating, in 1991, the restaurant Adega do Sossego.

​The restaurant seeks to make known the flavors of authentic Portuguese cuisine. It was, in the past, the house of the grandparents of the current owner, where today you can taste the flavors of old recipes. Some of the restaurant's specialties include corn bread, fried shad with rice, grilled trout with ham, Cabidela with rice or Bordeaux style, Sossego grilled veal and Cabidela rooster. For dessert, we suggest a small glass from the cellar and sour cream.

The wine

The cultivation of vines is an old tradition in the family, started with just 5 plots, located in the Parish of Paderne in the council of Melgaço. Currently, the grapes used by Adega do Sossego already have 22 vineyard plots, covering a total area of ​​2.8423 ha. located mostly in the same parish, in soil of granitic origin, and located in a very particular microclimate in the municipality of Melgaço, this microclimate is characterized by being a temperate Atlantic climate with continental influence, with cold and rainy winters and a hot and dry summer.​

The presence of a significant set of water surfaces located nearby (Minho River and main tributaries) induces temperature regulation, which makes the temperature ranges suitable for the production of fresh and aromatic wines. Although there is already a family tradition of several generations in the production of homemade white and red wines, it was in 2002 that, in a professional aspect that started with its first production of wines from the Alvarinho variety being launched to the market with the brand Adega do Sossego , initially conceived to accompany the dishes served in the restaurant, but due to its quality and expressiveness, production quickly increased, enabling the sale of wines and sparkling wines abroad.

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