Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Rosé 75cl

Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Rosé 75cl

Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Rosé 75cl

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Our Rosé Brut Sparkling Wine was the result of our curiosity to discover the best expression of the Touriga Nacional grape variety in our Territory. Known for producing full-bodied red wines in the Douro Valley, Touriga Nacional, when grown in Monção and Melgaço, does not reveal these same characteristics. After some experiments in our region, we discovered that this variety reveals its best potential, in the form of rosé. Combining Touriga Nacional with Alvarinho and, later, with Pinot Noir, we created a light, fresh rosé sparkling wine that expresses very well what our Territory is all about.

Terroir: The Touriga Nacional and Alvarinho grapes that give rise to Soalheiro Espumante Bruto Rosé come from small vineyards located in the region of Monção and Melgaço, the northernmost point of Portugal. These vineyards are planted in granitic soil between 100 and 200 meters of altitude, and this altitude provides the necessary freshness to retain the aromatic characteristics of the grapes.

Pinot Noir grapes come from vineyards planted close to the sea, where the Atlantic influence gives this variety a unique and very interesting expression.

Vinification: The production of Espumante Bruto Rosé requires careful selection of grapes, in accordance with the perfect balance between sugar content and acidity. Each of the three varieties that make up this sparkling wine is pressed separately, and their respective must is fermented separately, at a controlled temperature.

The base wine of Espumante Bruto Rosé results from the blend of these three wines – Alvarinho, Touriga Nacional and Pinot Noir. After bottling, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. For several months the wine is aged in a cellar at a low and constant temperature. During this time, the sparkling wine develops aromas and flavors that reveal the elegance of Alvarinho and the structure of Touriga Nacional and Pinot Noir. After the stage, the degorgement is carried out, removing the yeasts, and the metallic capsule is replaced by a stopper suitable for sparkling wines.

Varieties Alvarinho, Touriga Nacional, Pinot Noir
Alcohol Content 12.5%
Capacity 75 cl
Tasting It has an elegant salmon-pink color and has fine, persistent bubbles. On the nose it is delicate and with hints of fruit. The flavor is complex, showing freshness, minerality and persistence.
Harmonization It is a light and fresh wine, perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif and to toast with friends. It goes well with light dishes such as salads, seafood, sushi and pairs beautifully with mild-flavored cheeses.
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Region Vinho Verde
Type Sparkling Wine

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