Casa do Capitão-mor - Alvarinho Wine Producer

25 | 02 | 2022
Casa do Capitão-mor - Alvarinho Wine Producer

“We seek to produce high quality wines with a distinct personality”


Quinta de Pacos - Sociedade Agrícola L.da, is proud to have a centuries-old tradition in wine production in the Minho region with more than 4 centuries - there are references to the vineyards of Quinta de Pacos already in the 16th century and Morgadio do Perdigão in the fifteenth century. The House has been in the same family for over 400 years and 15 generations.

It is a family-based company that exploits its agricultural heritage by adopting a philosophy of quality and innovation. We seek to produce high quality wines, with a distinct personality and placing special emphasis on the natural and authentic character of our products.

Quinta de Pacos exploits a heritage of about 200 ha divided into six nuclei: Quinta de Pacos, Casa do Capitão-mor (Monção), Prazo da Cotovia, Morgadio do Perdigão, Quinta de Vila Meã and Morgadio de Real.

Quality and Distinction

In the 19th century, the two main centers of this society, Quinta de Pagos (Barcelos) and Casa do Capitão-mor - Quinta da Boavista (Monção), already had international projection and quality attested by the following awards:

In 1876 the wine from Quinta de Paços won a prize in Philadelphia at the US Centennial Exhibition where it was considered very good in flavor and in 'bouquet'.

In 1888 the wine from Quinta da Boavista, or Casa do Capitão-mor, in Monção won two prizes at the Exhibition of Portuguese Wines in Berlin.

These awards are the oldest known in the Minho Region. Recently, the awards from Decanter Magazine, Vienna International Wine Challenge (AWG), Wine Masters Challenge, Revista de Vinhos, Wine Passion, Escanção and CVRVV stand out.

The Casa do Capitão-mor e Morgadio da Boavista, in Mazedo, Monção, was already mentioned in the 14th century when it belonged to Affonso de Novaes, Knight of King D. Dinis. In 1640 this House belonged to the captain-major of Monção, Francisco Soares de Castro.

The land of the farm, with granite-alkaline soil, is covered with pebble, a feature highly valued for the production of high quality wines, similar to the French regions of Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Graves.

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