Solar de Serrade - Alvarinho Wine Producer

25 | 02 | 2022
Solar de Serrade - Alvarinho Wine Producer

Solar de Serrade, built in the 17th century, has a tradition in wines, thanks to the quality of its land and good sun exposure. It should be noted that, before the construction of the manor, an English factory had already been installed in Serrade to commercialize the clarets of Monção, which were considered, by the Duke of Châtelet, as well as by the Baron of Forrester, as potential wines to compete with. with the most famous French vintages.


Armored house from the mid-17th century, within the typical Alto Minho manor architecture, in which two towers flank the lower and longer central body. It has a chapel and a romantic garden. The Morgado de Serrade was established by Father Dr. Belchior Barbosa. His successors and descendants were governors and captains-major of Monção and traveled through Mozambique and the Indies. It was installed in Serrade (1801), under the command of the Marquis de la Rosière, the headquarters of the border surveillance forces.

Solar de Serrade, inaugurated by the Secretary of Commerce and Tourism, Dr. Jaime Andrez, in 1997, has since been receiving visits from the greatest and most diverse personalities.


At Solar de Serrade there is an important collection of furniture, tapestries and crockery, as well as an unusual collection of tiles. Traditional masseira ceilings, lounges with fireplaces, are an invitation to tranquility and leisure.

Solar de Serrade is a good example of the restoration of the architectural heritage of the Altominhota region.

The care invested in a high degree of comfort includes, among other infrastructures, six double rooms and two suites. When we move through the interior of Solar de Serrade, we come across, surprisingly, with corners full of tranquility and good taste.

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