Soalheiro Aguardente Bagaceira Velha Alvarinho 50cl


Soalheiro Aguardente Bagaceira Velha Alvarinho 50cl

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Soalheiro Brandy Bagaceira Velha is produced by distilling the skins after pressing the Alvarinho at Quinta de Soalheiro . In the past, all grape producers made small distillations for their own consumption and Quinta do Soalheiro is no different.

In the early days of our cellar, João António Cerderia created a quality Bagaceira that aged for many years in oak barrels. After tasting it consecutively every year, our winemaker decided that the Bagaceira Velha brandy would benefit from at least 20 years of aging .

The brandy ages in oak barrels, from which it extracts its colour, structure and which complement the intense aroma of the Alvarinho variety.

Varieties Alvarinho
Alcohol Content 48.8%
Capacity 50 cl
Tasting It has a complex aroma that is both delicate and fragrant. On the palate it reveals a perfect balance between the aromatic nature of Alvarinho and prolonged aging in oak.
Harmonization It's wonderful when accompanied by something sweet. We also recommend its use as an ingredient in desserts, such as mousses, in order to enhance the aroma and flavor.
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Region Vinho Verde
Type Brandy

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