Quinta do Regueiro - Alvarinho Wine Producer

13 | 02 | 2022
Quinta do Regueiro - Alvarinho Wine Producer

Quinta do Regueiro is located in Alvaredo, Melgaço and is managed by Paulo Cerdeira Rodrigues, who since 2020 has also been part of the board of APA (Association of Producers of Alvarinho de Monção and Melgaço). Paulo defines his project as “Small producer producing giant wines”.


“It all starts in 1988, when the first 100% Alvarinho vineyard is planted, 0.3ha were planted that year. The next 10 years were for apprenticeships and new plantations up to an area of 3ha. During that time we were producing some crops for our own consumption, which had a quality and certain characteristics, which those who tasted them, were not indifferent. It was a slow process, allowing time for the project to be sustainable.”

After 11 years, in 1999, the registered brand Quinta do Regueiro was born and the first harvest was launched on the market by the hand of the owners' son, at the time, only 23 years old, thus fulfilling the dream of being a wine producer.

The company was initially created as an individual and in 2007 Quinta do Regueiro - producer of Alvarinho, Lda.

Currently, Quinta do Regueiro consists of a set of small terraced plots, occupying an area of 6ha. and another 6ha. of long-term contracts.

“The words dedication and quality year after year are the master key of the prestige already achieved. The Quinta do Regueiro over time has had the ability to innovate. It has launched new and successful wine profiles on the market.”

Quality and Distinction

Over the last few years, Quinta do Regueiro wines have received numerous awards, among which the following stand out:

  • Iberian Harvest Champion 2005 (alvarinhos tasting organized by the wine magazine);
  • Best White Wine Harvest 2006 (Lisbon congress centre);
  • Four-time champion, Gold medal harvest 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, CVRVV (Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region);
  • Triple champion in Switzerland with Gold medal harvest 2008, 2009, 2010 (Swiss international competition);
  • Gold Medal, 2011 harvest, Order of Engineers Award;
  • Great Gold Medal, in Germany 2012 harvest – Alvarinhos International Race;
  • 2014 Gold Medal London, Quinta do Regueiro Blend (Old Lots);
  • Harvest 2015, one of the best of the year;
  • Colheita 2016, highly rated in specialist magazines;
  • Sparkling Gold Medal in London;
  • In five “BEST OF”, awarded throughout the region, we obtained two BEST OF.

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