Quinta de Alderiz - Alvarinho Wine Producer

24 | 02 | 2022
Quinta de Alderiz - Alvarinho Wine Producer


Joaquim Alfredo Esteves Pinheiro (1910-1985), born in the parish of Pias, Monção, was a businessman who, for decades, tirelessly dedicated himself to the defense of Alvarinho as the first grape variety in the demarcated sub-region of Monção- Melgaço, having even been at the origin of the cooperative-wine movement in the region. His devotion to the vine and wine was illustrated by his habit of talking to the vines, while providing them with the necessary treatments.

In 1987, his sons José, Fernando, Augusta, Joaquim and António, at the initiative of the eldest, José Pinheiro, founded the "Sociedade Agrícola Casa Pinheiro, Lda.". More than the creation of a family business, it was a necessary tribute to the life that Joaquim Pinheiro had dedicated to the vineyard and Alvarinho wine.

In 1988, under the management of José Pinheiro, the first single-varietal Alvarinho "Quinta de Alderiz" was launched on the market and since then, every winter, "Quinta de Alderiz" is presented, an Alvarinho with a very white color and aromas. unmistakable citrus.

Later, in 1995, "Adoraz" was introduced, a wine that blends Alvarinho and Trajadura, light and uniquely fresh, which gradually came to represent an important part of society's life.

Since 2008, new ideas have been explored, such as "Nectar de Alderiz" or "Sparkling Alderiz", which are currently great successes.

The wine

Quinta de Alderiz is located in the heart of Alto-Minho, more specifically in the parish of Pias, wine-growing sub-region of Monção/ Portugal, with a total area of 12 hectares of continuous vineyards. The vines, with an average age of 25 years, are planted in soil of granitic-clay origin and benefit from an exceptional microclimate. The conduction was carried out in a single cord which guarantees a better sanitary control.

100% obtained from Alvarinho grapes, produced on the Quinta de Alderiz property, owned by the Pinheiro family since the mid-19th century. XX, using cultural processes that combine tradition and innovation, the Alvarinho Quinta de Alderlz wine is the current testimony of the peculiar potential of this region and of the Alvarinho variety.

The exceptional location of the vineyards, the combination of natural factors, soil and climate, and the knowledge of a generation of winegrowers are the reasons that allow the production of this remarkable white wine.

The vinification of Alvarinho Quinta de Alderiz follows the classic model of vinification of white wines with particular care to respect the intrinsic quality of the grapes of the Alvarinho variety. For this purpose, the harvest is carried out manually into 15 kg boxes that are quickly transported to the cellar. The result of the whole process is an Alvarinho with a citrine color, with an intense, fruity and floral aroma, with a flavor of the grape variety, fresh but soft, with good body, harmonious and prolonged finish and a prolonged aftertaste.

To reveal its full potential for aroma and flavor, it should be enjoyed at a temperature of 12°C.

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