Conjunto de Espumante Alvarinho

79,90€ 88,00€
Conjunto de Espumante Alvarinho

Conjunto de Espumante Alvarinho

79,90€ 88,00€
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This set consists of 6 Brut Sparkling Wines 100% Alvarinho de Monção and Melgaço:

  • Alvaianas Sparkling Wine Alvarinho Reserve Extra Gross 2019
  • Solar de Serrade Sparkling Wine 2018
  • Quinta do Regueiro Sparkling Alvarinho Brut 2020
  • Reguengo de Melgaço Sparkling Alvarinho Reserve Brut 2018
  • Encosta da Capela Sparkling Alvarinho Reserve Extra Gross 2020
  • Quintas de Melgaço Sparkling QM Alvarinho Reserve Brut 2019

Note: In case of stock failure of one of the sparkling wines included in this set, it will be replaced by another sparkling wine of equal or greater value.

Varieties Alvarinho
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